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aka Mike's Superbikes

Mike DiSabatino is a builder of retro Superbikes!

From the Late 1970's through the early 80's the muscle bikes were taking the US motorcycle market by storm.  The amazing power of the Japanese bikes were taking records, winning races and selling in the showrooms. 

Mike DiSabatino - a mild mannered CPA/business consultant wears his passion for old muscle bikes on his chest like a large 'S' - standing for Superbikes! Mike is taking time to bring back the memories of this golden eara of motorcycling by building tribute "retro" superbikes.
In 2012, Mike started to realize that the bikes were fun, but felt a desire to go to his roots... Mike's Dad and older brother were car guys.  They built them, raced them and repaired them for a living.  "Dee's" collection of cars included at various times Lamborghini, Mercedes, Cadillac, Stutz Blackhawk, Rolls Silver Shadow, MGs and many others. 
Mike's first "recreational" car was acquired in May of 2012 - a 1967 Ponitac Firebird.  A muscle car with a 475hp small block stroker.   Mike quickly started to feel the power, and then acquired a 755hp '67 Supercharged Camaro/Firebird. 
Now, just a year later, Mike is a bi-vehicle lover :)  His passions is split between the 2 and 4 wheeled machines having several of each to equalize his passion.  
What's next?  Stay tuned...
This site... it is a way to share the collection of bikes, cars, stories and some of Mike's photography with other enthusiasts. 
We hope you enjoy the site.

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