Upholstery Upgrade - Final

IMG 0850

Well, things were moving along great... then I had another deadline at work, so I delayed the finishing, since i wanted to wire up the new console.

The car sat for a week after JB was finished with the interior and waited for me to wire it up, so he can finalize the mounts.

Finally, on October 22, 2012 i had it all wrapped up.  The new Pioneer system was wired, the new watsons-streetworks L75-22 switches were wired (all with relays) and the interior LED lighting was complete.  I then took it back to JB we worked together to mount the guages ad wire them accordingly.

It was finally DONE!  All in all, it was a quick job, on schedule and as budgeted.  A HUGE Thanks! to JB Custom Auto Upholstery!

Total job included:

Here are some photos...